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考研英语 | 完形填空的100组万能固定搭配

1、bring about 导致,引起

To that extent they helped bring about their own destruction .

2、see about 照料,安排,办理

I must see about selling the house .

3、arrive at 达成(协议),得出(结论)

Failure to arrive at a consensus over the issue raised the spectre of legal action .

4、catch at 试图抓住

He will catch at any opportunity to practise English .

5、get down to 着手做

Let's cut the crap and get down to business.

6、get through 通过;到达;做完

If you get through a task or an amount of work, especially when it is difficult, you complete it.

7、let down 使失望;放下;辜负

He let down the tailgate so the dog could jump out.

8、put down 镇压;记下;制止

The army put down the rebellion.

9、hand down  把……传递下去;宣布

She is expected soon to hand down a ruling.

10、settle down 定居;安静下来

He was tired of the merry-go-round of romance and longed to settle down

11、comment on 对……作出评论

I don't feel I can comment on their decision. 

12、carry on 继续作……

Carry on the good work!

13、center on 集中在……;围绕……

Her novels center on the problems of adolescence.

14、count on 指望,依靠

We can't count on the good weather lasting.

15、reflect on 思考,反思

You should reflect on this problem before you make a decision.

16、reckon on 指望,依赖

People reckon on the social accountability which achieve good results in other developing countries.

17、depend on 依靠,依赖

The opportunities available will depend on your previous work experience and qualifications.

18、rely on 依靠

It would be rash to rely on such evidence .

19、take on 呈现;承担;聘请;承担责任

The party began to take on an unreal, almost nightmarish quality.

20、lead on 引导,带领

All these months I kept thinking if I could find a clue, I could get a lead on him.

21、hunger for 渴望,渴求

She has a strong hunger for knowledge.

22、stand for 代表;支持;象征

You need strength of mind to stand up for yourself.

23、answer for 对……负责;担保

He must be made to answer for his terrible crimes.

24、call for 要求;需要

Regulatory requirements may also call for standards and standard operating procedures.

25、care for 关心,照顾;喜欢

They hired a nurse to care for her.

26、plan for 谋划,打算

We need to plan for the future.

27、head for 去往

We decided to uproot and head for Scotland.

28、take for 当作,误认为

Do not take Life for granted.

29、account for 对……作出解释;占……比例

Ministers should be called to account for their actions.

30、aim for 目的在于

The aim for economic development is to improve the people's lives.

31、check in 入住登记

Please check in at least an hour before departure.

32、check out 结账离开

I'd like to check him out of here the day after tomorrow.

33、intervene in 干涉,调停

The engineering approach does not intervene in any processes.

34、lie in 在于……(原因)

Development and progress of ethics morals always lie in conflict and collision.

35、take in 吸收,吸纳

Leaves take in sunlight.

36、look into 调查

They set up a working party to look into the issue.

37、enter into 积极参加;开始研讨;影响

We had enter into communication with the relevant government department.

38、break into 强行闯入;突然开始

Something, a dream trying to be remembered, struggled to break into my consciousness.

39、burst into 突然爆发

She burst into tears and ran from the kitchen.

40、get into 进入;陷入;习惯于

She failed to get into art college.

41、spill into 涌进

To the east, rivers spill into the Atlantic.

42、flood into 涌进

Refugees continue to flood into neighbouring countries.

43、swarm into 涌进

When all these people swarm into the hall at meal time, it's quite hard to find an empty seat.

44、turn out 证明是,结果是;原来是

It would later turn out that he himself had actually leaked this untrue story to the press.

45、figure out 计算出;指出

I need to figure out how to get around with this kind of limited range.

46、point out 指出

I should point out that not one of these paintings is original.

47、leave out 省略;删去

The best course of action is to include those aspects that are important for your project and leave out the rest.

48、sort out 整理;区分出来

Just dump your stuff over there ─ we'll sort it out later.

49、set out 出发;展开工作;阐明

They set out in a westerly direction along the riverbank.

50、map out 规划,安排

Then you need to estimate your total costs, analyze the competitive landscape, and map out your long-term strategy.

51、rule out 把……排除在外;阻止

That still doesn't rule out your sister.

52、come out 出现;出版;显现

It does not matter how many times those with something to hide try to plug the holes, the truth will come out.

53、stand out 显眼,出色

My plain black jacket did not stand out, I noticed with relief.

54、give out 用完;分发;停止运转

All machines give out eventually.

55、accuse of 指控,指责

I don't think it's fair to accuse me of having an attitude problem.

56、speak of 谈论到,提及

She's saved a little money but nothing to speak of.

57、inform of 通知,告知

It was remiss of them not to inform us of these changes sooner.

58、suspect of 猜疑,怀疑

The police suspect him of having taken the money.

59、remind of 提醒

Called the most unforgettable, is never remind of, is never forgotten.

60、warn of 警告

Plus, scientists warn of a larger neighboring volcano that could also erupt at any time.

61、convince of 使相信

You'll need to convince them of your enthusiasm for the job.

62、admit of 允许

The text will admit of some other construction.

63、buy off 收买,贿赂

Money can buy off a mean person, but it can never buy off truth.

64、lead off 开始,着手

Who would like to lead off the debate?

65、hold off 延迟,推迟

Could you hold off your decision until next week?

66、ward off 防止,避免

Of course, there's a way to ward off this predicted outcome.

67、pay off 付清;取得成功;报复

He made every endeavour to pay off the debt.

68、shake off 解雇,摆脱

I was unable to shake off my self-pity

69、slacken off 松懈,萧条,减缓

Keep at it, don't slacken off!

70、hand over 移交

They would like to hand over their financial affairs to another body.

71、take over 接替,接任;接收

A new person has been appointed to take over his work. 

72、turn over 翻转;认真思考;移交

And every time they turn themselves over there is some damage.

73、win over 赢得;说服

I just hope this trial run will win over some of those skeptics. 

74、persuade into 说服

We'll try to persuade him into giving up smoking. 

75、adapt to 使适应

Chung has tried to adapt to local customs. 

76、adjust to 适应

It can even adjust to temporary setbacks.

77、amount to 总计,等于,接近

Their debt amount to over 1m. 

78、appeal to 吸引;诉诸;求助

So he's arrested, he's tried, and then he has to eventually appeal to Caesar to get  to Rome.

79、apply to 适用于;应用于

Similar arrangements apply to students who are ordinarily resident in Scotland. 

80、cater to 迎合,符合

In the contemporary western world, rapidly changing styles cater to a desire for novelty and individualism.

81、react to 对……作出反应

How do they react to different service recovery tactics?

82、refer to 涉及到;查阅;参考

Keep a loose-leaf notebook of each of your practices that you can refer back to

83、yield to 屈服于

Will she yield to growing pressure for her to retire? 

84、contribute to 是……原因;捐献;捐献

All members shall contribute to the fund needed for carrying on such activities.

85、turn to 向……寻求帮助;开始使用

You can turn to me for help at any moment. 

86、end up 以……结束;最终成为

If you always give in to others you will end up feeling like a doormat.

87、give up to 不再有希望

And 5% are willing to give up love to stay in major cities.

88、stir up 激励,激起;煽动

Let's not stir up the soccer fans or they might start to fight! 

89、set up 建立,安排;资助

He has just set up his own business but it will take him a while to get established.

90、sum up 总结,概括

Let me take a minute to sum up the main points of this discussion.

91、charge with 指责,控告

One is that those they will charge with taking the final decisions in such, probably didn't have sufficient experience or training to really understand the Risk Management issues. 

92、comply with 遵循

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in termination of the contract. 

93、conflict with 与……冲突

The article brought her into conflict with the authorities. 

94、cope with 处理

He wasn't able to cope with the stresses and strains of the job. 

95、consult with 商量,商议

Consult with your father before you decide. 

96、correspond with 与……一致,相符合

Your account of events does not correspond with hers.

97、put up with 容忍

Don't be dishonest and don't put up with people who are. 

98、let alone 不管

It is incredible that the 12-year-old managed to even reach the pedals, let alone drive the car. 

99、leave aside 不予考虑

Let's leave aside questions of minor importance. 

100、flow from 起源;由……引起

Heat will flow from the hair dryer out into the box. 


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